This tool allows you to estimate your tuition by indicating your income, whether your child is in Pre-K or grade K-8, and whether your family was enrolled in CFS before Jan 2019. If you have any questions about using this tool, please contact us at

THIS IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE. This tool is provided only as a method of estimation and does not imply a guarantee of any sort. The tuition assessment listed in the contract will always take precedence. Please be sure to carefully read your contract for your final tuition total before signing. This tuition estimate does not include any registration fees, nor does it include any TADS fee for 10-month distributed payments. If you have questions or concerns about the tuition estimate, registration fees, or TADS fees, please contact us at

This tool does not send any information to CFS, and no information is saved on the server. This does not provide CFS (or anyone) with any financial information. This does not replace any financial documentation you must provide to qualify for sliding scale tuition.

Note: this tool may not render properly in Internet Explorer